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Model:DSC1000 7 inch screen  WIFI and USB key for your recipe

The Thermomixer DSC1000 features the following new functions accessible with the touch of a button: in french or english

Demonstration video to :  click here

  • Recipes in French or English
  • Slow Cooking for succulent pulled pork
  • High Temperature for caramelizing sugar
  • Sous Vide for perfectly tender vegetables and meat
  • Rice Cooker for perfectly cooked rice and grains
  • Thicken for rich sauces, no whisking required
  • Fermentation for homemade yogurt
  • Kettle for boiling water
  • Pre-Cleaning for removing sticky messes
  • Automatic Blending for delicious smoothies


7inch screen WIFI

Motor: Switch reluctance

Voltage: AC/100V-120V-50/60Hz AC/220V-240 50/60HZ

Motor Power:500W

Heating Power:1000W

Torque:2Nm Rotate: 50-11000 RPM

Max heat Temperature:160 ℃

Bowl capacity: 2L steamer:3L

Single box Packing:40*37*54CM

machine:30*25*43CM GW.:12KG (include steamer )




1. Modern intelligent LCD operating system. Like mobile phones, cooking can be done by moving your fingers.

2. Automatic cooking machine. As long as the ingredients are added, the machine will automatically cook according to the instructions.

3. It is called "the smallest kitchen" because of compact design.

4. No cooking fumes.

5. Recipe chip function, one of the best innovations. Choose different recipe chips according to different preferences, thermomixer will automatically prompt the temperature and time, guide you step by step to operate, so that your cooking becomes simple and fast.

6. Create and share your own recipes. As long as you master the time, temperature and speed, you can simply and quickly cook your own unique recipes and share them with your friends.

7. Weighing function. this is a considerable selling point. It can accurately weigh the food. It is very convenient.

8. Mixing function. It can quickly mix all kinds of food without destroying the nutrition of the food. For example, you can make delicious nut cakes or drinks. bake.

9. Chopping function, you can choose the TOP-Speed chopping function, you can quickly chop food in a few seconds, you can also choose different speed and time to cut into your favorite size and thickness.

10. Grinding function, very powerful, can grind cereals into powder, good for bake.

11. Flour function, the unique forward and reverse function of the machine can knead the dough, this is the most value.

12. Blending function, the toughness of the motor and the sharpness of the blender to perfectly blend food, such as ice and drinks, fruit drinks and so on.

13. Boiling function, multi-purpos

14. pottage, cooking food more simple. The steaming pot group is placed above the cover of the main pot, so that food can be cooked while the main pot is cooking. (e.g. steaming eggs while cooking)

15. Stirring and whisking function, cook while stirring, butterfly stick can be used to beat protein and butter to the perfect moderate.

16. 15. Temperature control function, adjust whatever degrees you want.

17. Time control function, adjust whatever minutes you want

18. Speed control function, 10-level speed regulation infinitely, from the lowest speed 50r/min to 10100r/min, adjust it freely and arbitrarily


Thermomixer DSC1000 blender is a mincer, a grater, a dough maker, a juicer, a whisk, a blender, a mill and a pestle & mortar to name just a few of its many functions.

It is also an ice cream/sorbet maker, a coffee grinder and spice grinder, an electronic weighing scale, a food processor and a food mixer.

It whips, emulsifies, homogenises and crushes and has a built in timer. Of course, what makes it completely different from any other appliance is that it also sautes, steams and cooks!

Thermomixer DSC1000 blender makes coleslaw in seconds, pancake batter, delicate sauces, soups, stews and vegetable purees.

It can cook jams and chutneys, grind fresh horseradish, chop onions, make peanut butter, cook up a pot of chilli, and steam fish, meat and vegetables in the tray.

The versatility of the Thermo mixer blender system is boundless and the possibilities are wonderful when imagination and creativity are added!

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elisabeth t.
Canada Canada
Semblable au thermomix, qualité prix !

Je recommande DScooker dsc1000 et philippe pour son professionnalisme et son service après vente et même en français. Excellent produit, reçu en qq jours. Tout fonctionne très bien. Super pratique exactement comme le thermomix et aussi puissant. Je suis ravie et je recommande à 100%. Merci DScooker.

Canada Canada
Bonne machine

Les recettes directement accessibles depuis l'écran tactile est tres agreable. C'est exactement comme le tm6. L'utilisation est face est intuitive, la balance intégrée par 1g est très bien calibrer .C est le cadeaux que ma femme attendait et elle n est pas decu

Tony B.
Canada Canada
Fantastic machine

I was a little skeptical at first, but after using a few times, I find that the DSC100 does an excellent job. Combined with Philippe's excellent support and customer service, my experience was fabulous. Thank you for making me a chef.


thank you tony

Canada Canada

La machine est parfaite et a beaucoup de fonctions. Elle n'est pas compliquée à utiliser et les recettes en ligne sont très pratiques. Ce que je regrette, c'est que le bol me soit pas plus grand. C'est petit quand on cuisine pour plus de trois personnes. Le service à la clientèle est top grâce à Philippe qui est toujours disponible pour répondre aux questions, donner des conseils, envoyer de l'information, de recettes et le tout en français. C'est rassurant d'être entre bonnes mains. Merci beaucoup Philippe.


Merci Anne ,toujours a votre dispositions

Micheline s.
Canada Canada
Ds cooker thermomix

Allows you to effortlessly create failproof delicious meals that put a smile on people’s face - It is like having your own personal cook at home and all you need to do is go get the ingredients, execute the simple instructions of putting what food you are asked to put in the container, and press the buttons as directed. The result, a predictably delicious meal with no mistakes! Easy, quick and stress free - Saves enormous amount of time. Your breakfast cooks while you take your shower. Your lunch is ready in no time. You even get to clear the counter and then relax while it cooks meals for you. Saves money and support your health - No need for take out food as your DS Cooker Thermomix effortlessly prepares meals in a timely manner with the ingredient quality of your choice. It provides multiple functions which effortlessly chops, sautes, steams, sous-vides, whips, slow cooks, boils and purees. It even cleans itself! As well, it is very flexible as you can reuse the same recipes and modify some elements for variety. DS Cooker folks provide an excellent support to get you started and answer any questions you may have. They work to improve your menu options by constantly adding new recipes so your DS Cooker Thermonix cooks an increasing choice of recipes for you.


Thank you micheline

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